How To Activate Jio Caller Tune In Reliance Jio 4G Sim for Free {Full Guide}


Activate Jio Caller Tune

Hello Friends, I hope you are enjoying jio apps and services in your jio 4g sim. Today I am here with a new trick. I will teach you how to activate free caller tune in your Jio sim you just need to follow simple steps and you’ll be able to use free jio caller tune  For Free.The Subscription of Jio Callertune is Fully Free, You won’t be Charged to Activate & Change Jio Tune Anytime.Previously You Can Activate by SMS Method but With New JIO tune App, you Can Activate Jio tune while Listing any Song.

Jio Caller Tune

you can activate jio tune for 30 days free after 30 days following the steps again to extend the validity also it will not charge single penny so guys why to wait, just use this offer and make your callers rid from the old “trin trin” tune. You can activate caller tune of any song from any movie or album by using this trick.

New Method : Jio Caller Tune Activation Using Jio Music App:

1.Download Jio Music App From Playstore.

2.Now Open App & Logn to Your Jio Account.

3.After Login, Search For Your Favorite Music.

4.While listening Music You Will See Option “Set As Jio Tune”

5.Now tap on The link & New Jio tune Will be Set on Your Registered Mobile Number.

6.If You Don’t Like the Song, you can Simply Change Song anytime repeating the above Steps.

Method 2: ActiavteJio Tune By Calling Others:

1.You can Also Activate any of Your Friends Jio Tune By Calling Them.

2.Just Call the Number & press * button From Your Keypad.

3.Once You Press You will Receive SMS to Confirm,

4.Confirm it by sending 1 to the Same Number & Jio tune will be set on Your Number.

How To Activate Jio Caller Tune Free?

  1. Go to JIO4GVoice App (For VoLTE Use Default Messaging app .
  2. Now Send A Message with text “JT” and Send it to “56789
  3. Send First 3 Words Of Any song if you want to search for a song.
  4. If you want to search Songs from movie Name Send MOVIE <Movie_Name>.
  5. Again want to search Songs by Singer Name Send SINGER <SINGER_NAME>.
  6. Also If you want to search Songs from Album Name Send ALBUM <Album_Name>.
  7. Done, In some time you will get Results according to your search .
  8. Now reply with your favorite  song number .
  9. You will get Final confirmation message .
  10. Reply with 1 to confirm your subscription .
  11. Done, you have activated free jio tune for your jio sim .
  12. You will receive a message with activation details . Reply With Y
  13. You have activated jio tune for 30 days .
  14. After 30 days please follow the steps again and you will be renewed for next month.

How to Activate Jiotune Using Jio Music App:-

1.First Download Jio Music App From Playstore.

2.Now Play Any Song that you want.

3.You will see an Option “Set Jio Tune”

4.tap on That and Confirm.

5.Once You Confirm Your Jio tune Will be set For 1 year Without any charge.

6.You can Change anytime using same method.

7.There is no Charge at all.

How To deactivate Jio Tune:

For deactivation just send an sms With Text “STOP” to 56789.


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