Vodafone USSD Codes List To Check Balance, 3G/4G Data, Offers, Plans In 2017


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Hello, FLD Readers, WelCome Once Again, Today I’m Going To Written About The Vodafone USSD CodesHope You Guys Are Enjoying The Phone Pe Customer Care Number & Fynd Referral Code [DCXA8B] Tricks.

Vodafone USSD Codes

Hello Friends, Today we are going to tell you that while using mobile networks, we have to ask a lot of questions how to check balance, data usage, data balance, offers and more. Therefore, the USSD (UNSTRUCTED SUPPLEMENTRY SERVICE DATA) code is provided to the user to connect to their respective service provider. Although we know some Vodafone USSD Codes, a user can not miss all the code on a network. Therefore, in the following section we have provided the USSD code of cellular service provider Vodafone so that you can make more trouble without having your Mobile SIM. Let’s check them out!

Vodafone USSD Codes:

FeaturesUSSD Codes
Vodafone Amazing Offers And Deals Check Code*111*1#
Vodafone Best Offer Check Code*111*1*1#
Vodafone My Delights Check Code*111*1*2
Vodafone My Balance (Vodafone Balance Check) *111*2#
Vodafone Last 3 Activities Check Code*111*3#
Vodafone Last 3 Calls And SMS Check Code*111*3*1#
Vodafone Last 3 Calls Check Code *111*3*1*1#
Vodafone Last 3 SMS Check Code*111*3*1*2#
Vodafone Last 3 Charges Check Code *111*3*2#
Vodafone Last 3 Recharges Check Code*111*3*3#
Vodafone Tariff Plan Details Check Code*111*4#
Vodafone My Plan rates Check Code*111*4*1#
Vodafone Bonus/Promotional balances Check Code*111*4*2#
Vodafone Active Plan – Validity Check Code*111*4*3#
Vodafone VAS and Services Check Code *111*5#
Vodafone VAS Active on this number Check Code *111*5*1#
Vodafone Activate New VAS on this number Check Code*111*5*2#
Vodafone Data Plan Check Code *111*6#
Vodafone Active Data Plans Check Code*111*6*1#
Vodafone Data Usage (Vodafone Internet MB Check)*111*6*2#
Vodafone Activate New 2G Mobile Internet MB Pack Check Code *111*6*3#
Vodafone Activate New 3G Mobile Internet MB Pack Check Code*111*6*4#
Vodafone Download Internet Settings Check Code*111*6*5#
Vodafone Bonus Card Check Code*111*7#
Vodafone Best Offer Check Code*111*8#
Vodafone Pay/Recharge via Payback Check Code*111*9#
Vodafone Low Balance Services Check Code *111*10#
Vodafone Account Update Check Code*111*11#
Vodafone Alternate Number Details Check Code *111*11*1#
Vodafone Main Balance Check Code (Vodafone Balance Check)*111*2# or *141#
Vodafone 2G/3G Balance Check USSD Code (Balance Check)Send SMS as DATA BAL to 144
Vodafone Main account Validity Check code (Balance Check)*146#
Vodafone GPRS (net) Balance Check (Vodafone Internet MB Balance)*111*6*2# or *111*6#
Vodafone Friends to call you back even zero balancePress, enter 10 digit mobile no. and press call button
Vodafone Free Night Minutes Balance*111*4*2#
Vodafone Free SMS Balance Check code*111*4*2#
Vodafone Local and STD call rate check code*111*4*2#
Vodafone Free SMS Balance Check code*111*4*2#
Vodafone USSD code to check Internet Data Usage:*111*6*2#
Vodafone Call Balance Check code (Vodafone Balance check)*141#

So Guys, This Was Our Best Vodafone USSD Codes Article. Most of the USSD codes are tried and tested and are working. If any code is not working, to mention in the comments below section. Thank You For Visiting FreeLootDeals With Us.

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Vodafone USSD Codes List To Check Balance, 3G/4G Data, Offers, Plans In 2017
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